In 1954, my parents decided to look for a place near Chamonix.
My father was fond of mountaineering.
They had discovered this region while he was studying at the summer physics school my aunt created in Les Houches.
They bought a very rustic and old farm (built in 1787) in les Plans, a small hamlet near Saint-Nicolas de Véroce.
Since then, it has been a special place for all the family.
The younger generation is perpetuating the tradition, everyone coming as much as possible,
and practicing the sports or activities of their choice.

You can learn more about the history of Les Plans reading the Blog.



When you return from vacation abroad, the lasting memories are often of the times you experienced authentic local activities and hot spots away from the crowds.

Our mission is to create an entire trip of those memories.

I created this company so that visitors can live a unique local experience

Visit places off the beaten track.
Make meaningful connections with locals.
Choose activities with the advice of local experts.
Do activities with hand-picked professionals.
Stay in hotels or home rentals we recommend.

I created this company to save you time

My family and I love to travel, and we enjoy active vacations.
I like to organize our trips, but it’s time-consuming.
Successful trips require careful planning.
That’s why we’re here for.



Haute-Savoie is a French department bordering Italy.
Saint-Gervais-les-Bains is located near Chamonix and Megève. The Mont-Blanc summit is administratively located in Saint-Gervais. The city has been popular with tourists since the early 1900s but has a local population year round.

There are plenty of exciting activities to do for every season. In winter, there are many activities around snow. In summer, the activities are numerous, from mountaineering to gentle hikes or more touristic activities. Spring and fall are quieter seasons during which you can enjoy the beauty and peace of the region while practicing various activities.



Combine passion and sharing:
We work only with passionate local professionals who will share their passion with you. We chose them because they are knowledgeable, easy-going and most importantly experts at what they do.

Help you discover local life styles on the ground
We select activities that locals do.
No ready-made programs, every aspect is discussed and decided with you.

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