July 1-2 2023 : La Montagn’hard is our favorite trail running race. You can choose between 4 challenging distances around Saint-Nicolas de Véroce. https://www.montagnhard.com/

August 28 – September 3 2023 : trail-running event , the UTMB. 7 races around the Mont-Blanc. The UTMB crosses 3 countries (France, Italy, Switzerland) et 18 villages including Saint-Gervais. Event if you don’t participate, it’s a wonderful event. https://utmbmontblanc.com/


January 27 2023 : La Diagonale du Mont-Joly a ski touring race going from the bottom of Les Chattrix (Saint Nicolas) to the top of L’Epaule (almost 1000m+).

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